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The heart of our platform is the Dashboard, a study in simplicity and efficiency. It features a clean, intuitive interface with a dropdown menu to select your market of interest. The dashboard then presents a clear, standalone chart displaying the latest year of trading activity for the chosen instrument, coupled with a 90-day forward-looking projection. This forecast is not just a mere prediction but a refined output of our proprietary seasonality algorithm.

Our Unique Methodology

Our approach to data is meticulous and nuanced. We don’t just aggregate data; we cleanse, transform and normalize it, ensuring that outliers and anomalous years don’t skew the true picture of annual seasonality. This careful data pre-processing sets us apart from the plethora of websites offering traditional seasonal charts.

What makes truly unique is how we recalibrate seasonal patterns to align with the current volatility regime. This crucial step allows us to transform traditional seasonal analysis into actionable, real-time forecasts. Our algorithm, developed from years of trading experience and technological acumen, doesn't just track trends; it anticipates them.

Dashboard Preview
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Join today and experience a new standard in market analysis and forecasting. Whether you're a seasoned trader or just beginning, our platform is designed to provide you with insightful, forward-looking market perspectives, keeping you ahead in the dynamic world of trading.